Questions and answers

Q: How does pipe-tunes work?

A: The download section provides pipe-tunes documentation that describes the installation and basic operation of the program.


Q: What are the limitations for the pipe-tunes demo?

A: The demo version is a fully functional version, but in the final calculation the rod length

is replaced by a random dimension. There is no restriction in the purchased pipe-tunes



Q: How does the full version of pipe-tunes work and can be used on multiple PCs?

A: Purchased full version of pipe-tunes needs HW USB key present in PC for its operation. Pipe-

tunes can be used on a maximum of two computers using one HW key. In case of multiple

use on more computers (more than 2 computers) it is necessary to buy another license



Q: Can I buy pipe-tunes only once and then I can use it indefinitely, or do I buy a license that

I need to renew after some time?

A: Each license is permanent and unlimited in time without additional costs.


Q: What to do if you are interested in multilicensing?

A: If you are interested in a multilicense, please contact us.


Q: Is there a different payment method than the payment gateway?

A: Payment is also possible via PayPal (on request), or after sending your invoice data to email,

you will be issued an invoice in PDF.


Q: What happens after I pay the license?

A: After paying the pipe-tunes license, you will receive a registered shipment with an original

HW USB key and an invoice (usually within 24 hours on weekdays).


Q: Has the HW USB key been damaged, what to do in this case?

A: Return the USB stick to our address by mail. After repair or replacement of the key, you will

be sent back for a handling fee.


Q: Can pipe-tunes work with area measurements?

A: No, pipe-tunes only work with length measures.

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