PIPE-TUNES – a program to optimize cutting plans.

It’s ideal for manufacturers who need to cut various sizes of rods in one length.
Of course, the resulting optimization is solution to minimize waste.

PIPE-TUNES has been developed especially for window manufacturers, but also finds application in similar products (sills, stainless steel material, and so on).

PIPE-TUNES is versatile – its parameters can be set to the length of the rod, slice thickness, as well as improper waste (range of unacceptable waste, e.g. 100 to 400 mm, i.e. at 100 mm and below the waste can be thrown away, while over 400 mm remains as stock).

PIPE-TUNES offers the standard features you expect – open and save a project, print it, export to text format (txt), as well as export to MS Excel.

The current version 1.3.4 offers Slovak, Czech, German, Dutch and English interfaces.

Take advantage of the proposed solution – we believe that an investment in PIPE-TUNES will return to you in a few weeks!

If you have any questions, please visit FAQ or contact us.

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